Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun


  1. This blue ray disinfection nano spray gun adopts dynamic nano hydrating water system pressures, transforming water into molecules.
  2. Ergonomic handle design: provide a comfortable feeling.
  3. Suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and moisturizing face.
  4. You can add your favorite essential oils to get several good effects.
  5. Disinfection and sterilization: remove odors, they can be used in places that need to be disinfected and cleaned.
  6. Massive disinfection spray is sprayed within 30 seconds.
  7. The effect is dozens of times higher than that of traditional press spray, and the disinfection effect is better.
  8. Sterilization rate is 99.99%. Lightweight and easy to carry!
  9. The mist sprayed by the blue ray nano disinfection spray gun with uv light will stay in the air, and the disinfection range is wider.
  10. The 0.26-nanometer vapor fog molecule is twice that of ordinary sprayers!
  11. The nano spray gun charging time is short,and lasts a long time.


Nano Spray Gun Features
1. Intelligent temperature control–2 real-time temperature controllers
2. Light weight –PC material, comfortable to carry
3. Strong water pump–helpful to release waste
4. Safe–circuit board wrapped with PC material
5. Individual handle design–reduce the arm pressure